Introducing the CZAR CX15000: The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Hey, fellow CZAR enthusiasts! The moment we’ve all been stoked about has finally arrived – the grand debut of our newest masterpiece, the CZAR CX15000! Building on the success of our CZ9000, we’ve cranked up the innovation to new heights with this cutting-edge vape device. Stay tuned – the best is yet to come!

15,000 Puffs

Say what’s up to an extended vaping journey with an impressive 15,000 puffs! But hold up – for those who want a boost in flavor and bigger clouds, our Ultra Mode guarantees a solid 10,000 puffs. Whether you’re into a light pull or a more intense hit, the CX15000 caters to your preference.

Dual Mesh Coil for Optimal Flavor

The heart of the CX15000 lies in its powerful dual mesh coil, meticulously engineered to get the full potential of your e-liquid disposable. Experience rich, intense flavors with every puff. Our commitment to quality is unmatched and the dual mesh coil is a testament to that dedication.

Airflow Adjustable for Your Comfort

Customize your vaping experience with the adjustable airflow feature. Whether you’re into a tighter draw or a more airy pull, the CX15000 adapts to your preferences. Find your perfect airflow setting and let CZAR CX15000 do the rest!

Ultra Screen

The CX15000 comes equipped with an ultra screen that provides a clear view of your e-liquid levels and battery information. Effortlessly monitor your device’s status with ultra screen technology.

Divers Flavor Profile

The new and improved CZAR x has 15 different flavors, carefully curated to cater to a diverse range of preferences. From classic favorites like blue razz ice to unique blends like graham swirl, the CX15000 offers a flavor for every mood and occasion. Explore the array and find your signature vape today.

Availability and Pricing

The CZAR CX15000 is gearing up to hit the shelves February 1st, 2024. Stay tuned for announcements on availability and pricing, and be ready to elevate your vaping game with the CX15000. To find out where CZAR products are currently being sold, check out our store locator to find a smoke shop near you! As we proudly reveal the CZAR CX15000, we invite you to join us. Sign up for email updates and follow us on social media for more CZAR updates.

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